Childrens Grouplink Sunday League Tennis
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Ladder Rules

Apr 2, 2014
Posted By:   sfleming

Ladder Rules:


1. Each match is first to 9 games (no tie break at 8 all),

2. The ladder will now be based on wins and losses rather than points won in the


3. Each win will receive 3 points, a loss receives 1 point, if you award a walk

over to your opponent they will receive 2 points and you will receive 0 points.

4. At least 1 game must be played each month or you will be removed from the


5. If you are not able to play one month award a walk over to your opponent who

challenges you so as you remain on the ladder,

6. If you challenge a person at least twice to a ladder match and they are

unwilling to play or to offer an agreeable alternative time to play the walk

over score may be taken,

7. If you do not play any games and ask to stay on ladder you will be relegated 2


8. Players who remove themselves or are removed through inactivity from the

ladder must wait for one month from removal before being able to return to

the ladder,

9. Highest score moves up one division, lowest score moves down one division,

middle scores stay where they are,

10. New Players will be added to the ladder where possible, according to grade,

11. It is your responsibility to record your score

12. So don’t just sit there — make a phone call! Like you, the other members of

your ladder are eager to play. And, regardless of your frequency or level of

play, there are tennis matches waiting for you!