St Anne’s Waterford Tennis Club Morris’s Winter League

St Anne’s Waterford Tennis Club Winter League 2021

The Winter League 2022 is kindly sponsored by Morris’s Builders Providers and DIY.


  • Substitutes are allowed in the tournament. They must be the same grade or lower and cannot be in the same group that you are playing in.
  • Matches will be scheduled for Fridays and some Saturdays if there are large numbers. If you cannot play at the scheduled time, you must re arrange your game on Saturdays or Sundays only.
  • Courts will be reserved on Friday evenings (once all 4 players are here they can take one of the allocated courts). Play 15 games per match. (Tiebreak at 7-all)
  • Contestants must provide their own tennis balls. Wilson US Open balls will be used on finals day.
  • Deadline for completion of round robin games : Wed 1st December

Play – offs and Finals

  • Play- offs and finals will be held on Saturday 4th December
  • In the event of a tie, the pair winning the match between the tied pairings goes forward. (In a 3-way tie we’ll toss a coin)
  • The top two teams in each section will be involved in the play-offs. 1st plays 2nd in the other section of the same division.
  • Winners will play in the final.
  • Similarly, 3rd and 4th in each section will play-off for the plate.

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