Internal Ladders

Countrystyle Foods Singles Ladder


Entry for the first round of the Singles Ladder is now open. The ladder is open to all members over 16 years on 1st January 2021.

It is free to take part, however, please don’t enter unless you are available and willing to play at least 5 matches during the next few months (it’s not fair for other players in your group, if you enter and then don’t play any matches).

The ladder will be run using a standard league format. Players will be divided into divisions based on grade and recent results. All players in each division play each other once and get points for each match won. The top players from each division will be promoted to the higher division and the bottom players relegated to the lower division for the next round of the competition.

Initially, this is for singles only; the plan is to add a mixed ladder in the next round.

The Singles Ladder is proudly sponsored by Countrystyle Foods. There will be prizes for the winner in each group and for players who play the most matches.

The competition is hosted on Tennis Ireland Tournament Software, so results will go towards each player’s singles World Tennis Number (WTN).

Please use the following link to enter – Entry closes Tuesday the 16th of November. The groups will be published on Sunday 21st of November and matches will run until Sunday the 30th of January 2022.

Matches and Playing Format:

  • Players book their own court as normal
  • Players organise their own matches and contact each other (contact the club if you don’t have a contact number for a player)
  • Where possible, organise matches for weekends or during the day (it’s not as busy and easier to get a court)
  • Players supply their own tennis balls
  • Each match is first to reach 9 games, no tiebreak at 8 all.
  • Games should stop at the end of the booking period. Incomplete games get recorded as well with relevant scores.
  • The winning player should enter the match result in the easy online form – here
  • In case of dispute, on or off court, that cannot be resolved amicably, the games result is
    void. No impact for either player on their rating.
  • Players must play at least 2 matches, otherwise they will be removed from the next round
    of the competition.
  • Players who remove themselves or are removed through inactivity must wait for one
    round of the competition before being able to return and will be entered at a similar position.