Junior Club Coaching Information


Junior Club Tennis Programmes

This programme starts in September and runs up to the school holidays in June. It’s broken down into 4 terms. Sept – Nov, Dec – Jan, Feb – March and April – June. Each lesson lasts 60 minutes. The children are encouraged to be in the club at least 20 minutes before their lesson in order to warm up and be ready to start coaching. The programme caters for children from the age of 5 to 7 years in the mini court, U8 Red Court, U9 Orange Court, U10 Green Court and 11 to 17 years Yellow Court.  During each term all children will get access to our 3 club coaches who will coach each group in rotation. Registration is now open for Term 1 by emailing neil@stannestennis.com. Reminder in order to do lessons you must be a fully paid up member.



Waterford Regional Squads Programmes

Regional Squads were set up in 2004/2005 and have been running successfully since, training players from 7 to 18 years.

The main objective in setting up these squads was to give players, who are identified to be talented, an opportunity to train with each other and to supplement their regular club coaching.

The aim of squad training is to facilitate players to train two to three times a week, (including their club coaching session) as opposed to once a week which the average club programme would normally facilitate.

Emphasis is on training; the technical, tactical, co-ordination, footwork and mental aspects of the game.

Training technical/tactical/co-ordination/ABC (Agility, Balance, Coordination) are some of the main focuses within sessions for the younger U8/9/10s and U12s, while more specific Technical/Tactical/Footwork are trained with the older players U14s, U16s and U18s, requiring higher intensity and more commitment.

Developing the older player’s patterns of play using high intensity drills whilst encouraging a physical programme within their training schedule are the main focus for the U16/18s.

Players are always encouraged to train to be the ‘Best They Can Be’ with emphasis on personal development and achieving personal goals while they are learning to compete in a competitive environment.

Players are encouraged to focus on performance as opposed to just ‘Winning’, particularly in the earlier stages of their development.

All our sessions include a short physical programme usually in the first 20 to 30 minutes of each session.

The programme has been successful in developing great players at every level producing provincial and national champions. Many have gone on to be selected by our national academy in DCU to train part-time and full-time and some have experienced international competition such as ETAs (U16) and ITFs (U18) and competing at the four nations.


Our Training Programme Schedule is as follows:

U8, U9 & U10 —– Tuesdays                     4:30pm—6:00pm

U12 & U14 —– Saturdays               9:00am—11.30am

East Grand Slam Squad —– Thursdays   4:30pm—6pm & Sundays  1:30pm—6pm



School Tennis Programmes

St Anne’s-Waterford Tennis Club along with our panel of coaches can provide schools with class coaching lessons. These lessons can be done onsite in the school or at St Anne’s. Previous schools that have taken part in our programme include St John of God NS, Newtown School, Waterpark NS, St Declan’s NS, St. Mary’s NS, Ballygunner.

Munster Branch Tennis also run primary school and secondary school tennis competitions throughout May and June. ​