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We are pleased to announce this years Inter Firms Tennis Competition. This competition will be held in the club grounds from Tuesday 2nd May to Saturday 13th May 2023. We would like to see your firm/club/organisation playing in this Competition. We look forward to seeing you all in action and if you are not playing, please come along and support your friends. All are welcome to our state of the art clubhouse. Bar and full kitchen onsite for the duration of the event.


The draws and timetable are now available!!!

The schedule will be on posted in the clubhouse and is also available online in Tennis Ireland Tournament Software – here

Playing Format and Subbing Rules

The 2023 Inter-firms format, scoring and subbing rules are posted in the clubhouse and also available to download – here

All substitutes must be approved by the Tournament Referee, please contact the office if you have any queries.

ENTRY RULES………Please Read Carefully

  1. Each Team will consist of two ladies and two men and play in a doubles format in Week 1 and mixed format in Week 2.
  2. The competition will be played in 6 categories – A (Grade 1,2,3), B (Grade 4), C (Grade 5), D (Grade 6), E (Beginners), Categories A, B and C are primarily for Club players, while D is for the players of elementary standard and E for the absolute beginners (players in the grade E will be strictly monitored and excluded if too strong)
  3. Team Variations
    1. Category A
      1. One Grade P/1/1.1 Man & One Grade 3 Man + Two Grade 3 Ladies OR
      2. One Grade P/1.1/1 Lady & One Grade 2 Lady + Two Grade 3 Men OR
      3. One Grade 2 Man & One Grade 2 Lady & Two Grade 3s (1 Man / 1 Lady) OR
      4. Two Grade 2 Ladies & Two Grade 3 Men
    2. Category B – Two Grade 4 Men & Two Grade 4 Ladies (or lower)
    3. Category C – Two Grade 5 Men & Two Grade 5 Ladies (or lower)
    4. Category D – Two Grade 6 Men & Two Grade 6 Ladies (or lower)
    5. Category E – Two Beginner Men & Two Beginner Ladies
  4. Substitutes must be approved 24 hours in advance by the tournament referee. Full details of NEW subbing rules are available in club/website and noticeboard.
  5. In the event of any dispute, resolution of which will rest with the competition committee and their decision is final and irrevocable.
  6. Entries will be restricted, and the format will depend on the entry. Entry forms must be completed in full.
  7. Proper tennis attire (i.e., track suits, shorts etc.) and footwear must be worn by all players on court. Failure to do so increases the risk of injury.
  8. Players should be aware of the physical demands of the game. They should be in good physical condition. Proper warm up and cool down is essential to avoid the risk of injury. Participation in the event is entirely at the players own risk.
  9. A firm may enter as many teams as they wish but must play under the name of the firm. The names of the players and the name of the team captain must be completed in full on the entry form. A contact number and email address must be included.
  10. Matches must be played at the specified times and changes cannot be entertained. The timetable will be on display in the clubhouse and on tournament software – here. Play will commence at 5.30pm on Tuesday 2nd of May.
  11. The entry fee is €80 per team – 4 players x €20 each, fee includes complementary €20 team bar voucher. (Note: Each player will play a minimum of 3 games during the competition). Each subsequent team entered is €60. Entry fee must be submitted together with the entry form on or before Wednesday 19th April 2023.
  12. No late entries will be accepted.

Entry Form

NOTE: Only fully completed entry forms plus payment will be accepted. Entries have now closed
Online Entry Form
Online entry and payment is available – here
Paper Entry Form
A copy of the rules and paper entry form can be downloaded – here
Please drop paper forms into the club or send to: Michelle Kirby, St Anne’s TC, Johns Hill, Waterford


If you have any questions, please email Michelle in the office –