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Coaches view with William Guiry #strings What you need to know about strings!
A)There are basically 3 types:

High Tension = more control
Low Tension + more power

C)String Patterns
16x16 = more spin and power
16x19 = power with control
18x19 = more control

D)How often do I need to change my strings ?
1)Play 1 hour a week = change once a year
2)Play 2 hours a week = change twice a year
3)Play 3 hours a week = change three times a year

E)Guage on thickness of strings?
1:20 = More power but less durability
1:25 = Slightly less power but more durability
1:30 = Most used string durability with some spin and control
1:35 = Most durable string ... Rafa Nadal uses this guage in polyester

F)Head size
Male 98sq in - 115sq in
Better player = smaller head size
Beginner player = bigger head size
Female 100sq in - 115sq in
Same applies

G)Weight of racket
Male 285g-330g
Female 265g-285g

H)General Rule
U16s should not be using polyester strings as they are hard or unforgiving on the developing players elbow

I)Playing Style
A more durable string,thicker guage eg Rafa Nadal RPM Blast 1.35 55lbs
2)All Court
Roger Federer LUX(pdy) 57lbs plus Natural Gut 1:30 60lbs
3)Serve and volleyers
John Isner 16x16 poly plus gut 57lbs
Serena Williams 16x19 104sq in 64lbs
J) Court Surface General Rule
Faster courts grass or artificial grass = high tension
Slower courts clay = lower tension

Hope you find this article useful. If you need further assistance don’t hesitate to contact me.
Cheers WG

Coaches view with William Guiry #grip
What grip should I be using?
What grips are the pro’s using?
Is there a better grip depending on the surface I am playing on?

First, grips can be called by 2 names. The Racket handle has what is called Bevels…. And each bevels as stated is associated by another name.
Bevel 1 Eastern Backhand
Bevel 2 Continental Grip
Bevel 3 Eastern Grip
Bevel 4 Semi-Western Grip
Bevel 5 Western Grip
Bevel 6 Semi-Western B/H non-dominant hand
Bevel 7 Eastern B/H non-dominant hand
Bevel 8 Weak Eastern B/H single handed

First Stroke We Hit
1. Serve….Continental Grip – A must
2. Return of Serve…. A) Eastern on both hands
B)Dominant hand Continental Grip / Non-Dominant hand Eastern or Semi Western Grip
3. Forehand Groundstroke…. A) Eastern Grip
B)Semi-Western Grip
C) Western Grip
4. Back Hand Groundstroke…A) Bevel 1 or Eastern B/H Grip
B)Double Handed backhand 3+3
C) 2+ 3or4
D) 1+ 3or4
5. Volleys / Smash….Continental Grip Recommended
6. Forehand / Backhand Slice….Continental Grip
Cheers WG

Keep up to date with St Anne’s Members and other Irish players playing in US College Tennis with Adam Wade.



Coaches view with William Guiry #worldtennisnumber Greetings all…
Something new on the way. Yes… a new grading system which will give all players a new number. This new system is called the World Tennis Number….and it will range from 40 (Beginners)up to 1 (Professional) and this system will allow us to have both a singles number and doubles number.
It was due to have been launched in 2020… but because of Covid-19 it was put back… So hopefully in 2021 for those thar play tennis, one will be registering with Tennis Ireland…as they will have data of our level from matches played in club events, tournaments etc... If you are a new adult player that does not have an ITF ITN number (old system) you will be able to complete a player standard questionnaire (PSQ) to obtain your number, it ensures your number is accurate ahead of your first match.
Itys design is like the handicap system used in golf; the New World Tennis Number will be used by most Nations around the world to help create a common language relating to ability across Tennis.
The Benefits of this new WTN are,
1) Both Singles and Doubles number.
2) A single global scale for everyone regardless of age, gender, or ability.
3) Personalised game to help identity players of a similar skill level; to yours.
4) Online searchable community, giving you access to suitable opponents wherever you are in the world.
5) Access to statistics to track and improve your game, including head-to-head comparisons with other players and their win/loss ratio.
6) The ability to build a favourite list of platers at your school, club or amongst friends that you would like to play in the future.
7) Your grade will be updated on a weekly basis…if you have played a match or two.
8) This system will try to predict the likely result of your upcoming match and if you beat the system you will move up the grading. If you only play players weaker than you, you will not gain so called points, and hence remain at the same grade.
This system could lead to more innovative competitions including perhaps genderless, and ageless events in our club and beyond.
So, you have been warned.
Cheers WG

Coaches view with William Guiry #listening One of the most underrated skills on a tennis court is the ability of listening…
Yes, having the ability to listen…
If, I ask you – what do you listen for in a game of tennis…. Your answers might not surprise you and everyone else.
A)The bang at the moment of contact with the racket.
B)The bang of the racket strings brushing up on the ball.
C)The aggravation of you and your opponent’s shoes on the court.

But when do we get a real chance to listen….There are 2 phases during a tennis match…There is the active and the passive phase of play.
The active phase is when the ball is in play – and running. This time the players is totally focused on 3 fundamentals...
1 Their court position
2 The flight of the ball
3 Their opponents

However, when the ball is out of play, its then during the passive phase that we can get an insight into the mindset and thought process of our opponent…How they reach after the point….what do they say…how they physically react, gestures, posture etc…
Imagine Hearing “Oh my god, I can’t buy a second serve 2 or “my backhand is just so poor today “etc…
Well, that is their outer voice voicing their inner thoughts…your opponent has just lowered their defence – and possibly given you the green light to attack what is already vulnerable.
So, when your playing, be aware that you could unlock how you feel and how your playing…So, be mindful that your words and actions, could result in losing that important match that you have trained so hard for.
What is the best thing to do ?. Use this non-active (passive time) to re-focus and reenergise your body for your most important point…i.e., the next point…because if there is a next point-you are still in the match….capable of recording a “W” or “L”.
They say that “Actions speak louder than words “but here “words can influence your actions and outcome”.
Cheers WG

Dear Members,
Due to the Government announcement earlier today St Annes Waterford Tennis Club will have to close our tennis courts and facilities effective midnight tonight until Jan 31st, 2021 (or until further notice).

Details of the communication from Tennis Ireland below:

Dear President / Secretary / General Manager,

An Taoiseach, Micheál Martin, this evening announced the return of “full scale” Level 5 restrictions from midnight tonight until at least January 31st in a bid to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Unfortunately, this means that no indoor or outdoor tennis activities, including those involving children, should take place with an exception for designated High Performance Players*

Since the start of the pandemic in Ireland, Tennis Ireland have fully endorsed the public health advice of the Irish Government. We have engaged extensively and successfully with government to highlight the health and mental health benefits of tennis and the strong compliance with the safety protocols which has ensured that our sport has been a safe outlet for people of all ages during the pandemic.

We will endeavour to maintain this engagement in an effort to ensure our sport remains closed for as short a period as possible and to seek additional supports for our clubs during these difficult times.


Richard Fahey
Chief Executive
Tennis Ireland


Senior Open Week 2020 Sponsored by @utopiaflowers.
Friday 18th September- Saturday 26th September 2020.

Entries now open:

Best of luck to all clubs competing in this years Munster Branch Summer Cup
Weekend 22nd/23rd August 2020
Home Games
Grade 4 Ladies v Kilfeacle Community Tennis Club
Grade 5 Mixed v Emly LTC
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Barry Lambe
Maria Aylward
Michelle Kilgallen
Enda Dowling


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St Anne’s Tennis Club are proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website! Our new website, will allow you to find the information you need more quickly and easily. We are continuing to update our website with useful information and news regarding our Club & ongoing Events, so please do check our website regularly. Thank you. #tennisplayer #atp #tenis #sport #tennislife #sports #wta #tenniscourt #instatennis #fitness #tennisfan #tennislove #tenniscoach #tennisplayers #australianopen #tennistraining #football #nike #federer #wimbledon #tennisworld #tennislover #tennismatch #tennistime #rogerfederer #atpworldtour #tennisgirl #usopen #bhfyp.

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