Court Booking Information

Court Booking Information

Due to Covid-19 the booking rules are subject to change

Updates will be posted on the Home Page and on Social Media


Court Booking Rules

• Peak Limits (Monday – Thursday : 6pm – 10pm, Fridays : 6pm – 8pm)
o Daily – 2
o Weekly – 3
• Non Peak Limits
o Daily – 3
o Weekly – 10
• Junior Hours
o Monday to Friday : 3pm – 6pm : 7 courts reserved
o Saturdays : 10am – 1pm, 2pm – 6pm : 7 courts reserved
o Sundays : no courts reserved (Juniors must play with an adult member or be supervised by
an adult)
• Court Booking
o A parent must email the club the day before to book the court,
o Any junior courts not booked by 5pm the day before are released to adult players.
o Juniors are not permitted to use the 2 non-junior courts (Courts 8 & 9) Mon – Fri, 3pm –
6pm. These are for adult use only.
• Juniors are not permitted to play during peak hours.
Private Coaching Lessons
• Private coaching is only permitted on courts 5, 8 & 9
• Coaches are allowed to reserve a court 1 week in advance
• A court used for private coaching must be booked by the coach using their coach booking account
• Coaches are limited to 3 peak bookings in a week
• Private coaching lessons during peak times, must be for group lessons, minimum of 2 players being
coached. The player’s names must be included on the booking system as this is included in a players
peak usage limits
• Guests are not permitted to play during peak hours
• All guests must be included on the court booking
Ball Machines
• Can only be used on courts 5, 8 & 9
• The ball machine is not permitted during peak hours
• Ball machines are restricted to 1 hour after 1pm Monday to Friday. Not allowed after 5pm.



Court Booking Monitoring

  1. All players must be listed on the booking system. It is the responsibility of the player booking to ensure that all details are correct
  2. Bar staff will check courts to ensure that the number of players on the booking sheet match the number of players on court
  3. Bar staff will give sheet with any player discrepancies to Neil/Michelle to follow up
  4. Neil/Michelle will contact the player who booked the court so that the court booking can be updated correctly
  5. If the player does not respond to request, the players will be viewed as guests and charged accordingly to the booking players account.
  6. If it occurs a second time the player will be suspended from playing for one week
  7. The evening booking sheet will be printed daily and posted downstairs so that all members can view the booking schedule
  8. Any last minute changes to the bookings can be emailed to the office at Then Michelle/Neil can update booking
  9. Signage to be placed downstairs advising all members that any late changes to bookings need to be emailed to Michelle/Neil at


If this does not resolve the problems with the present booking systems , we then plan that all players will have to sign in at the bar before they go on court