Rogy Events

Rogy Events


St Anne’s-Waterford ROGY events are run once a month where possible. They are usually scheduled on Saturdays or Sundays.

ROGYs are a way to get match practice for your kids without the completion feel.

Date: TBC

Ages: 6 – 12yrs

Description:  ROGY, stands for Red, Orange, Green Yellow and relates to the colour of the ball. Kids progress from red ball (lightest ball) through the various stages. ROGY events are run for approx 2 hours and are open to both members/Non-members.

Entry Fee:  €2 Euro (this includes a drink and treat after all the matches are played)

To Sign up: Contact the office or Junior coordinator Neil. ROGYs will be advertised on all St Anne’s social media platforms weeks before the event commences.